• 1999- 2000: Responsible for the electrical commissioning and start-up of two gas trains 2x10M Sm3/day,6 substations, 5.5KV & 60KV OHL, built by KBR (GE, Alstom & Siemens microprocessor-based relays, Brush transformers, Siemens switchgears, MCC, solar panels, LV & MV motors, Solidstates UPS & Caterpillar emergency generators)
  • 2001- TFT Electrical Network Selectivity: Scope involved initial survey to identify existing problems and preparation of new protection settings (with Alstom).
  • 2005- GTFT permanent camp: surveying existing 400-volt distribution and preparing one line diagrams with recommendation for improvements, performed detailed calculations and construction coordination to add a three new 300 amps switchboards using Ecodial software (Fault Analysis, Cables & CB selection & Device Coordination Studies).
  • The annual test of the GTFT network protection devices (Omicron test set)
  • 2004 & 2009- Three years GTFT Gas Plant shutdown: Regulation control of  HV & MV electric components  (Grounding, motors, breakers and transformers), 3 years preventive maintenance of SF6 circuit breakers  (AREVA), 3 years preventive maintenance of two redundant UPS (AMTEK)
  • 2007- Ten years GTFT Gas Plant shutdown: F&G and ESD tests after upgrade ,Regulation control of HV & MV electric components  (Grounding, motors; breakers and transformers),10 years major inspection of two redundant UPS (AMTEK)
  • 2008-2010 TFT Phase II - Boosting Project: involved in FEED, Engineering & commissioning: Scope included a new 5.5KV substation,1600KVA transformers, with 5.5KV & 400V switchgears, new UPS, and 5.5KV & 400V MCC

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